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Massage is so natural that we exercise it also unintendedly. The origin of therapeutic massage can be traced back to the instinctive motion when we start rubbing our body in after an injury or in pain. Massage has a relaxing and invigorating effect on tissues and muscles, stimulates blood supply, restores skin functions and lymph drainage and makes breathing more profound. Different indications and therapies require different massage forms. Aquasziget massages consists of phyto and aromatherapy treatments. If you want to relax or just ease muscle tension, you can choose from natural ingredients depending on your goal. Aromatic oils and various herbal creams are used during massages.

Other services

Cleopatra relaxing place

DesriptionPrice: 4 hours (HUF)Price: whole day (HUF)
You can pamper your body in our exclusive jacuzzi, in relaxing bath enriched by salt and bath milk. After bath you can stretch out on the huge sunbed, where you can sunbathe under sunbathing tubes built in the ceiling. We will delight all the guests coming here with some champagne and fruit. 15 000 25 000

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